Price Change! Bear Creek Ranch


  • 26 miles southeast of Lewistown
  • In foothills of Little Snowy Mountains
  • 1,180 deeded acres all in one block
  • 1.5 miles of Bear Creek through middle of ranch
  • Barn and Shed are useable buildings
  • FSA indicates 286 +/- acres historic tillable lands
  • 70 acres tillable along creek bottoms ideal for food plots

The Bear Creek Ranch is a very private and scenic property with timber, brushy meadows, aspens, and cottonwoods.  There are dramatic rock formations and in the area pictographs are prevalent.  This would be an ideal seasonal or year round property.  It boasts a diverse landscape, featuring both benches with cropland and rolling to steep pasturelands and creek bottoms.  The property is adorned with a variety of trees and terrain.

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The Bear Creek Ranch is located in a very desirable area in the foothills of the Little Snowy Mountains 26 miles southeast of Lewistown. Travel is by 9 miles paved road and 18 miles of county roads. Lewistown (5,850 population) is surrounded by 5 island mountain ranges known for its exceptional recreation for both hunting and fishing. Lewistown has a general aviation airport with an updated 6100’ paved runway that handles all sized private aircraft. Basic services are at Grass Range 16 miles to the northeast. For commercial flights Billings is 115 miles to the south served by 6 major airlines that connect cities nationwide.

Water & Crops

Water sources about a mile and a half of meandering Bear Creek, seasonal creeks, and developed springs with water tanks.  Crops grown in the area include wheat, barley, oats, alfalfa, and sainfoin. In the past the owners hayed the benches on top and the lower meadows along the creek bottoms. In recent years they have leased out the pasture in the summer months. The range condition is excellent even with the last two drier years.

Bear Gulch Pictographs

At the northern end of the ranch lies a dramatic gulch, adjacent to which are pictographs on both the ranch and neighboring lands, dating back to around 1000 AD. It is estimated that there are approximately 4,000 to 5,000 pictographs and petroglyphs. Archaeologists believe these were created by Native Americans during vision quests.


Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Elk, Turkey, and upland birds in habit the area. There are about 55 acres of meadows that have been tilled in the past along the creek bottoms. These creek bottoms are filled with beaver dams and thick brushy coven so there is an abundance of protection. If seeded to small grains and legumes the wildlife numbers would increase. Up next to the county road there are other tillable lands. They have sainfoin and improved grass species which is a wildlife attraction.

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