New Offering! Little Dog Creek Ranch


  •  1,060 Deeded Acres
  • 20 miles North Lewistown
  • 1.4 miles Little Dog Creek and 5 Reservoirs
  • Rustic Home, Guest House and Garage
  • Habitat Enhancements include shelter belts and food plots.
  • Conservation Easement with Montana Land Reliance

Little Dog Creek Ranch is a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, making it an ideal retreat for those who love nature and tranquility. Spread over 1,060 acres, the ranch features rolling landscapes, diverse wildlife, and well-maintained farmland. The main house, guest house, and garage offer comfortable living spaces, while the creek and reservoirs provide plenty of water. With areas dedicated to both farming and wildlife, this ranch is a beautiful and practical place to call home, whether for a weekend getaway or a permanent residence.


The ranch has a conservation easement with the Montana Land Reliance.

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This custom home has 1,969 sq ft rustic countryside retreat perfect for those seeking peace and a connection with nature. The main single-story house features weathered wood planks, a rusted corrugated gabled roof, and red-framed windows, with a cozy front porch and airy interiors highlighted by large windows, vaulted ceilings, and a stone fireplace. The ranch includes a versatile 780 sq ft garage with a finished loft for extra sleeping space, and a charming 924 sq ft spare house designed to resemble an old granary, offering two bedrooms, two half baths, and additional machinery storage. Together, these structures blend rustic charm with modern convenience.

Water & Crops

 Little Dog Creek winds its way northeast across the ranch for approximately 1.4 miles. The creek has a strong flow in the spring, which slows down by July. There are five reservoirs scattered across the property, with two of them located on Little Dog Creek. Water for the home and outbuildings is supplied by a well with good supply. Another well, situated in the middle of the ranch, has historically provided water for livestock. 


The ranch features a rolling landscape primarily composed of native range, natural riparian areas, and planted shelterbelts. Approximately 315 acres of farmland are interspersed throughout the property. Currently, 240 acres are used in a crop-fallow rotation, growing small grains each year. Additionally, 50 acres are dedicated to hay production, and 25 acres are set aside as food plots for upland birds.   


The ranch boasts a rich and diverse ecosystem, providing a habitat for a variety of wildlife. Upland birds, including sharp-tailed grouse, hungarian partridge, and pheasant, thrive in this environment. The creek running through the ranch is an exceptional for waterfowl, serving as a nesting ground and a vital resource. Larger game such as white-tailed deer, mule deer, antelope, and the occasional elk are frequent visitors. Additionally, the ranch is home to dozens of other non-game species, creating a vibrant and balanced natural community.

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