The Manuel Ranch, a well rounded ranch and outdoorsman retreat.

The Manuel Ranch is not in short supply of wildlife.  Almost every time I’m on the ranch I see Elk, Deere or signs of their presents.  While out on the ranch in Mid October I spotted a small herd of elk and managed to get a few photos even though I was at a distance.  Seven cow elk and one bull.  Later this day I also came across a satellite bull but didn’t get a photo.  Eager to see more wildlife I went out a week later arriving a sun up with a friend.  As soon as we arrived we spotted most likely the same herd making their morning commute from the hay in the pivot two miles north to the timber.  We spooked them but I still  managed to get a few more photos.  Ended up chasing them the rest of the day without another sighting.  It was a beautiful calm day walking the private 4,000 acres of breaks of the ranch taking photos.  This ranch truly has it all and made for a great mid week getaway. ElkPost

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