Sold! Box Elder Ranch

Confidential Price

  • 12,000 acres (10,318 deeded) in one block
  • Elk, Deer, Bear, Lion, Sharptails, Huns, Pheasants
  • 20 plus miles of live and seasonal creeks
  • Conservation Easement with The Montana Land Reliance
  • Excellent management in place
  • 500 plus acres of tillable lands for hay production
  • Functional 400-500 head cattle operation

The Box Elder Ranch stands out as a legacy property. The natural strengths and features of the ranch have lead to its success. Naturally, the property is exceptional primarily due to the lack of human interruption. Five named drainages of mostly free-flowing live water allow for seamless grazing and easy access to clean water. Wildlife and livestock both benefit from the abundance of water. Almost the entirety of the ranch is still native range. Fertile soils and sub-irrigation have allowed for productive crops even during drought. Such ranch features have consequently allowed wildlife numbers to grow creating a legendary big game and wing hunting opportunity. Years of pride and diligent care have left the ranch in impeccable position, all while being an untouched canvas.

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