Our office was fortunate to close two ranches south of Lewistown in the past months.
This area is in a story book setting of the Big Snowy Mountains.

Looking down on Lewistown from over 8,600 feet the Big Snowy Mountains offer so much to the community of Lewistown and Central Montana. The Big Snowy Mountains have many day long activities for the public to enjoy including: hiking, camping, boating and in winter snow shoeing, snowmobiling as well as backcountry skiing.  The trails in the Big Snowy Mountains lead to three incredible features of mother nature: Crystal Lake, Ice Caves, and Cascades.  Crystal Lake is a shallow lake containing 45 acres with muddy shores and warm water the Lake is fun for a picnic or a camp out. The Ice Caves are a site to be seen, the natural formation of water in combination of freezing temperatures year round make a cave completely engulfed with ice, it is amazing! The Cascade is a waterfall that emerges through a cave the a stair step fall of 100 feet. Besides recreation the Big Snowy Mountains and their Foothills are a sought after resource for local ranchers.  The Big Snowy Mountain Foothills have the reputation for receiving high amounts of moisture. The foothills are an unbeatable resource for summer grazing with characteristics such as tall grass and high quantity of springs. The Foothills are known to have a capacity of eight acres per pair for summer grazing.  Along with high numbers of cattle there are high numbers of wildlife. There are over 100,000 Acres of public land and little hunting, the wildlife numbers are on the rise.  The Snowy Mountain Range lies in the 511 Hunting District to the South West, the 530 to the South East and the 411 to the North.  These three districts are all draw for tags areas.  The Big Snowy Mountains are just one of the beautiful amenities that Central Montana has to offer.

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