Opening Day at the Teigen Ranch 

October 12, 2019

One ranch came to mind. The Teigen Ranch is famed for its excellent wing hunting.  Around noon we packed up and left Lewistown, Mt.  Within 30 minutes we arrived at the ranch. The ranch has seen excellent fall moisture with many inches of rain and snow. Hunting from an old calving barn heading west we focused on the riparian area around McDonald Creek.  Definitely a Hot Zone of the 34,665 acre ranch.  Currently they are rotating hay fields into small grains.  Hay Barley has been the crop of choice and a good one it was. Right away the birds were on the move and always a bit ahead of us.  After two hours the two of us reached our three bird limit. This was my third hunt with new lab Cy. He did well considering his experience. Opening day was amazing.  Blue skies, 50 degrees, a little snow cover, and no wind provided a perfect afternoon with more birds than I could count.  Unanimously the experts in the ride home figured well over 200+ birds in an area just over 300 acres. I feel fortunate to have hunted such an incredible ranch with family and friends.   Teigen Ranch Information Here

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