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Wildlife Photos from Fall of 2017

Teigen Ranch

Central Montana is known for its quality bird hunting and the Teigen Ranch is at the top of the list.  Pheasants, Sharptail Grouse, Sage Hens, and Huns have a good population from the basic natural resources available and with some fine tuning the populations would be more predominant.  The natural ranch resources are already in place that include chokecherry, willows, buck brush, scattered Pines, brushy meadows, and well cared for pastures with sage.  The ranch has over thirteen miles of McDonald Creek which meander next to croplands and haylands providing an excellent source of water.  The ranch has ample natural resources with protection that allows the game birds to hide from predators but some nesting varieties of quick growing grasses and additional tree and shrub planting would also help. Other wildlife on the ranch are Elk in the southwestern areas of the ranch, Mule Deer are on all parts of the ranch, Whitetails along the McDonald Creek drainage, and Antelope scattered throughout the ranch.  The ranch borders the War Horse Wildlife Refuge on the north end which is a refuge for migrating waterfowl and also nearby is the Wild Horse Refuge. Download Brochure Now

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